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Dec 8, 2011 11:30am PST
marzullo, abc7 news. >>> jerry sandusky is out on bail again. the ex-coach heads home as we get new details of the additional charges against him. >>> disturbing new survey about texting and driving. the big rise in the number of0ñ >>> out on bail again. this morning the former penn state assistant coach accused of sexual abuse walked out of jail a day after being arrested on new claims. t.j. winick has details on the latest accusations against jerry sandusky. >> reporter: jerry sandusky is free on bail after being arrested again wednesday charged with molesting two more young boys he met through his second mile foundation. >> it is disappointing the attorney general's office to do it this way. jerry has always been willing to turn himself in. >> reporter: identified as victims 9 and 10, they both claim they were molested in the basement bedroom of the sandusky home. victim 9 claims sandusky told him to stay in the room. he ate meals in the basement and the food would be brought to him by sandusky. always new questions about what sandusky's dottie seen leaving the house this morning, knew
Dec 13, 2011 11:30am PST
not require shuttle buses to provide seat belts. >>> jerry sandusky will go straight to trial on child sex abuse charges. this morning in a surprise move he waived his preliminary hearing and avoided a face-to-face confrontation with his accusers. katie marzullo is here with the latest. this is unfolding as child abuse takes center stage on capitol hill. >> reporter: since there was no hearing sandusky was in and out of the courtroom in mites. most of the legal drama unfolded on the steps of the courthouse. on capitol hill, lawmakers, advocates and victims talked about how to protect children. reporters shouted questions at jerry sandusky as he left the courthouse. he stopped and made this statement. >> we fully intend to put the best possible defense that we can do. >> reporter: sandusky's defense team insists there will be no plea and today's move was tactical. >> it would have been very help first lady to have had a hearing today but it was a trade off -- when we got concessions from the prosecutor last night about things we were going to do and things they won't to in the future we fel
Dec 7, 2011 9:00pm PST
and would not be eligible for early release until he serves almost 12 years. >>> jerry sandusky tonight faces new charges of child molestation. he was take noon custody by the state police. a look at the growing case against sandusky. >> handcuffed and wearing a penn state sweat suit, jerry sandusky was arrested again wednesday, charged with molest two more boys. that brings the total number of alleged victims in the criminal case to ten. >> jer is scratching his head saying what is next. i said don't ask that question. don't ask can it get worse because it can. >> according to the indictment, victim nine is now 18 years old and says sandusky began molesting limit at age 11. some of the attacks allegedly occurred in the basement of sandusky's house or in the swimming pool of a nearby hotel. he says his alleged encounters with the former penn state assistant football coach only ended after he finally refused to perform a sex act in a car. >> i didn't do those things. >> just last week, jerry sandusky told the new york times he did nothing illegal. his repeated denials only emboldened his
Dec 12, 2011 11:30am PST
for jerry sandusky says there are no plea talks underway. the former pennsylvania state assistant football coach is charged with more than 50 counts of child sexual abuse involving 10 boys he met through his children's charity. there are reports the key witness in the prosecution case may have changed his story for the grand jury. assistant coach mike mcqueary told the grand jury he saw sandusky raping a 10 year polled boy in a school shower in 2002. now a local paper says a friend spoke to him on the night of the alleged incident and mcqueary said he never saw sandusky have sex with the boy. >>> u.s. supreme court has decided to take up arizona's controversial law targeting illegal immigrants. they will review a ruling that blocked several provisions one requires police to question immigration status if stopped for something else and suspect they may be in the country illegally. the obama administration has challenged the arizona law arguing regulating immigration is the job of the federal government not individual states. >>> there morning president obama acknowledged the iraq war sendin
Dec 16, 2011 11:30am PST
university officials will stand trial. mcqueary said he believes he saw jerry sandusky sexually molest a preteen boy in the shower and he told university officials about it. sandusky's lawyer says his client was showing kids how to shower. >> teaching a person to shower at the age of 12, 14 sounds strange but people work with troubled youth will tell you there are a lot of juvenile delinquents who have to be taught basic life skills. >> any time the defense attorney says it may sound strange to some people, it is going to sound strange to a lot of people. this guy has again from being a football coach to a shower coach? >> sandusky has pleaded not guilty to 52 counts of child abuse. several school officials are accused of lying to a grand jury about what mcqueary told them. >>> we are on the barry bonds sentencing watch. there's good news out about california's job market. >> plus, the company that brought you words with friends goes public. but, is the -- is it the blockbuster analysts were expecting? >> stark sign of the times holiday giveaway that has thousands waiting in line and d
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5